Sing Sing Sing

So strong inside

 A great interpretation rom a London choir of a wonderful song by Labbi Siffre. Released as a powerful tribute to songs that have marked monumental moments in black history, music and culture; singer/songwriter, Junior Garr and choir conductor, Marsha B. Morrison, navigated The Spirituals Choir in a time of great uncertainty to give a message of hope: “This is a collection of negro spirituals and songs that have inspired and championed the story of black people. With all that is happening in the world today there has never been a better time for the power of music to bring us together. This is a commemoration of not only our breakthrough and achievements but also an acknowledgement of the continuous pain and sorrow experienced by Black people today. We must find a way to foster and fight for the justice and equality of Black individuals everywhere. Justice and the good news go hand in hand.” – @JuniorGarr

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